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With users watching almost 5 billion videos daily, Youtube provides a great opportunity for your message to reach millions of people that all have the potential of becoming prospective customers. Youtube video advertisements are a great way to make your content memorable and more engaging for viewers.

Youtube ads

What can Youtube Ads do for you?

Youtube ads

Youtube videos are more memorable and engaging

Google Ads ดียังไง

Measureable data to monitor the effectiveness of your campaigns

Google Ads ดียังไง

Youtube is one of the largest media platform

Youtube ads

YouTube advertisements are cost-effective and affordable

Youtube ads

Start advertising on Youtube to help customers find you!

YouTube offers several different ad formats that you can use interchangeably based on your business and advertising goals. 

Here are some of the different ad formats available on the platform:

  • Skippable in-stream ads
  • Non-skippable in-stream ads
  • Bumper ads
  • Video discovery ads
  • Masthead ads

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